- representation, metabolic computing, machine consciousness

2017-03-25 17:22

Conscious is not the problem:

Instead of trying to explain Consciousness” let’s try to understand something more fundamental.  How does awareness of any one particular thing happen at all?  

We know that consciousness is full of contents.  All that stuff in the unified field of consciousness” as Searle would say.  Let’s not be concerned with the unity or the field, lets concern ourselves with a single particular instance of content.  Just pick one thing, and explain: how that one thing is content that we are aware of, or that is part of consciousness”.  

If we can explain how any one thing becomes a thing in our awareness, then perhaps the same process is how we are aware of all other content in consciousness.   Instead of trying solve the big problem of understanding consciousness itself, let’s solve the smaller problem and explain how a particular thing is or becomes content of awareness. 

How does even one thing become content of awareness?  Let’s assume we have the simplest consciousness possible, and it has only one content element: How does the awareness of that one content happen?

What does awareness look like? Or how does awareness function?

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